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B Skincare


B Skincare is a small, family run business based in Cornwall.
Our story began in 2003. Sonya was studying reflexology when she came across an effective natural foot cream and heard that the recipes and the business were up for sale. We saw the potential to develop these amazing recipes and turn it into a business that could support our family. Since then, B Skincare has grown slowly and organically. From making the creams on our kitchen to the current day, where we’re based in a large workshop on the fringes of Bodmin Moor.

The original recipes came from a white witch in Lincolnshire who had created the formulas, so whilst our recipes aren’t Cornish, they are country recipes. Over time the recipes have evolved and we have expanded the range considerably.

We pride ourselves on making natural, affordable skincare products using high quality ingredients and offer a first class service to our customers.