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The Runners Wall


Whatever you call them, ‘racing bling’, ‘hardware’ or simply ‘medals’, as athletes we all have them. What do they represent? A 5k, a 10k? A half or even a full marathon?

Here at ‘The Runners Wall’ we believe that every medal has a tale to tell. Not just of your race but so much more. It could be a PB, your first 5K, your 10th marathon or even an Ultra. No matter what it is, your medals represent the dedication, discipline and sacrifice that you go through to achieve your goals. Your medals encapsulate your journeys. Your journey is starting up, preparing and finishing. Your journey does not stop when you cross the finishing line, it continues. Every individual’s journey means something different. Every medal reflects your journey and they are something to be proud of.

‘The Runners Wall’ was created as a great way and as a constant reminder to us of what we are capable of.

Oliver Karger