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Soul Purpose Jewellery


Soul Purpose Jewellery was founded in 2020 by Suzanne Pattinson, mum of two boys and military spouse. Suzanne left her previous career in PR to follow her passion for silversmithing after doing a course in late 2019. “The minute I walked into a workshop and picked up a saw, I felt alive. I knew from that moment that I had found my calling and I launched Soul Purpose Jewellery during the first lockdown.”

“My desire to create signature, bold and creative jewellery comes from a passion for quality, a love of precious metal and a commitment to making people feel happy. I strive to produce items that will be loved for years to come. My heart and soul goes into each and every piece and everything is designed with purpose. I create personalised, authentic sterling silver jewellery that will become modern day heirlooms.” 

Made with soul. Made with purpose. Wear with love.