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About Nina

Nina is the creator of, a professional athlete and running coach.

She began running at the age of 25 and slowly jogged her way through her very first marathon back in 1997. It was when a man in the rhino suit ran past her that she decided to take her training a little more seriously and work towards more competitive times. She moved from road to track at the age of 29 to specialise in both 400m and 800m.

At the age of 35 (2007) Nina became eligible to compete as a Master (or Veteran) and since that time has focused her efforts and seasons on securing medals at the World Masters and European Veterans Championships. She is still enjoying a successful athletic career and is the current European record holder in W45 age category for 400m with a time of 57.56.

She has also been coaching for over 20 years and enjoys helping individuals to achieve their goals irrespective of their fitness levels, capabilities, age, or lifestyles.

Nina started after realising that whilst there were lots of lovely gifting options available for runners, enthusiasts, or those wanting to congratulate their loved ones for completing their first 5k they weren’t all in one place so she decided to create a one stop running gift shop.

Her hope is that you’ll find beautiful unique and personalised gifts to congratulate, motivate or treat your friends and loved ones, all while supporting British independent sellers.

Feel free to read more about her career and coaching at
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