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‘Runners Kit’ Letterbox Gift

£20.00 + delivery

‘Runners Kit’ Letterbox Gift

£20.00 + delivery

Seller:  Mrs L Cards

A super useful letterbox kit for runners of all abilities.


Product details

The box contains:

• A booklet of 5 “dynamic stretches”, these are great stretches to do before a run.

• A booklet of 5 “static stretches”, these stretches are wonderful after a run.

Both booklets are printed on recycled kraft paper and fold out to read.

Each box will contain 3 food or drink items. The 3 items will be picked from the following:

• 1 sachet of Moma Jumbo Oat Porridge Raspberry, Chia and Pumpkins • 1 sachet of Moma Jumbo Oat Porridge Peanut Butter and Maple Syrup • 1 Vive Protein Bite Peanut Butter • 1 Get Fruity Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger Oat Bar • 1 Get Fruity Juicy Oat Bar Juicy Berry Mix • 2 Up Beet energy teas • 1 pack of Cranberry natural Yoghurt covered raisins • 1 Stoats Blueberry and Honey Porridge Oat Bar • 1 Stoats Banana and Multiseed Porridge Oat Bar • 1 Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate, Goji and Orange • 2 sachets of Beanies Flavour Coffee.

• Nutritional information on the foods and drinks provided.

• 2 sachets of 100% pure Epsom Salts.

• A gift card with “Especially for you” on the front and blank inside for your own personal message.

The size of the box is 160mm x 110mm x 20mm. It fits easily through the letterbox.


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