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The Runner – sculpture

£1,500.00 + delivery

The Runner – sculpture

£1,500.00 + delivery

Seller:  Tish Potter

Stunning limited edition bronze sculpture The Runner by artist Tish Potter

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Product details

It is important to me to capture movement in my sculptures – a split second in the subject’s physicality.  The energy that changes art from feeling posed into art that contains a bit of life.  She went through various incarnations before we settled on the final pose.

I spend a lot of time on Hampstead Heath gazing at runners going past and found that runners trying to increase their speed contained a power and impulse that was exciting to watch which I’ve tried to encapsulate with this sculpture

I decided to cast her in bronze as it’s such a heavy and tactile material, and when sculpting a subject with long arms and legs, it is important to use a material that isn’t brittle.  The technique used in the creation of bronze sculptures has changed very little for hundreds of years. The subject is sculpted in wax on a wire armature shown some images of this process), before going to the foundry for casting. Bronze is a robust and resistant material that fairs well outside. It has a wonderful weight and feels dense and cool to the touch. Using wax to create the initial mould allows for a high level of detail on the final sculpture. Certain nuances in colour can be produced through the use of patinas.

This sculpture is a limited edition of 12, after which the mould will be destroyed. There is currently one available immediately.


Plinth 17cm x 14.5cm x 3 .5cm

Approximate size of base of runner 12 ½ cm x 6cm (at widest part) and height of statue (without plinth) 27 cms

The lead time for further orders will be up to 10 weeks to allow for the casting process.

For deliveries to non UK locations please contact me via the ‘Ask a question’ button and I will find out charges for you.


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