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The Wave Tool

£45.00 + delivery

The Wave Tool

(7 customer reviews)

£45.00 + delivery

The Wave Tool is the ultimate muscle scraping & soft tissue release tool designed and developed by two physical therapists. It’s perfect for runners to use before, during and after training. This all-in-one soft tissue release tool is not only small enough to fit in your pocket but also effective enough to treat any muscle.

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Product details

The Ultimate soft tissue release tool for runners to use before, during and after training.

Nina from Runners.Gifts says ‘unlike all the other products at Runners.Gifts which are made in UK by small suppliers this lovely soft tissue tool I’ve imported from the States because I’ve been using it for years and I love it and I wanted my customers to be able to enjoy it too.’

‘As a runner and a coach I’m always looking out for really practical but brilliant tools that I can use before, during and after training. Many of my clients tried the wave tool I always carry in my kit bag and ended up buying one because they found it so easy to use and did the job of soft tissue release easily and effectively.’

The Wave Tool allows you to scrape and massage away muscle tension, tendon strains, trigger points, and scar tissue. It’s big enough to manage the largest muscle groups yet small enough to fit in your pocket.

Precise “scraping” edges break down scar tissue and manage chronic conditions such as tendinopathy and fascial adhesions. The more rounded Guasha spoon and the massage surfaces are great for increasing blood flow. Trigger point knobs apply deep pressures to stubborn knots. The levering disc excels at pin and stretch techniques for myofascial release.

•    It’s the only muscle scraping tool that combines myofascial massage surfaces and IASTM edge technology to completely treat myofascial pain, restrictions, adhesions, scar tissue, fibrosis, trigger points, myofascial restriction, pain, and cellulite.
•    The ergonomic grip design increases user tactile sensitivity while decreasing hand strain.
•    Used to treat tendons, scar tissue, cellulite, adhesions, fibrosis, muscle strain, myofascial pain, you can use the Wave Tool on virtually any muscle.
•    Designed by Physical Therapists and Professional Athletes, Patented
•    Clinically designed and tested to address pain, myofascial restriction, increase blood flow, and stimulate tissue remodeling and healing for athletic recovery and injury prevention.

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Product Info:-
– The Wave Tool is made of a very hard and durable fiberglass/nylon composite
– Each tool is then hand finished to ensure the edges are smooth
– Three-dimensional
– Weight: 500g

At present this product is only shipped to UK

7 reviews for The Wave Tool

  1. I have ordered this item not long ago and could only try it out twice. I have tried every angle possible on my various aches and I’m very positive that this handy tool will finally replace my facial gua sha that I’ve been trying to use on my bigger muscles. I suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis and time will tell if this tool helps it, but I’m hopeful! This massager combines many tools in one, easy to use, easy to clean, and fits into your bag when out and about.
    The seller went out of her way to make sure that this was one of the best buying experiences I had in a long time. I’m not based in the UK and we exchanged a few emails as there were different shipping requirements for my country. Everything went well and now I’m a proud owner of this massager! I can only recommend this shop and this tool. Thank you!


  2. Effective, compact and portable tool for every athlete’s kit. As a climber, which this wave therapy tool was initially designed for, getting hold of this tool in the UK has been really difficult! Amazing to find it here on runners gifts (at a better price than anything I’ve managed to find elsewhere!). In addition to my forearms/fingers/triceps, I’ve been using it on my IT band, calf muscles, and even the soles of my feet (which if you haven’t tried yet, I highly recommend you do!). First rate service, ten points!

    Tiffany S

  3. Impressive tool, must have “on-the-go” for any serious athletes out there. Very compact and a lot more versatile than a roller. Helps dealing early with the inevitable training niggles. Works well with a tiny layer of hands sanitizer.

    Andrea Spaccatrosi

  4. I can highly recommend this device. Since I bought this device a few weeks back, it has helped me to significantly improve a tendon strain and tight muscles. What I especially like is that the device is extremely compact – much more compact than the foam roller I used before – and its well designed shape makes it perfect for use on all kinds of muscle groups. The firmness of the material also makes it perfect for use on more persistent muscle tensions. All in all, I am very satisfied.

    Amon Triba

  5. I initially only used it for running, to help with training, but after a pretty nasty ankle bruising and swelling situation, it really helped with getting mobility back into it. About two weeks after the injury, I went on a really long hiking weekend that involved about 6 hours (on average) of walking every day. You can imagine that an injured ankle would not love it. Thank goodness I packed this little tool with me because whenever I’d feel my ankle and calf getting sore or unstable, I’d whip it out, use it on the sole of my foot and up my leg and I’d be good to go again. I’m not sure how it fixes things, but it’s extremely good
    I never travel without it anymore.

    joanna d

  6. This is a really effective, compact and easy to use blading tool. The shape means that it is easy to hold and doesn’t tire your hand out while, at the same time delivering really firm pressure to whatever you are working on. I was so impressed after trying it once that I ordered one straight away. Now a permanent fixture in my sports bag.

    sarah nachshen

  7. I get a lot of lower leg injuries so I’ve use rollers and “stick rollers” a lot. I recently discovered this product which allows a much closer and contoured massage of my calves, plus it’s a lot easier to carry around. I’d recommend it.

    Roy Head